Jesse O'Brien

Jesse O'Brien

Senior Software Developer






Professional Skills

Go React js Docker Distributed Systems Design Leadership Mentorship

Hobbies & Passions

3D Printing Archery PC Gaming Formula 1 Vim User Experience

About me

I'm a polyglot programmer. Previously having worked with PHP, C#, Ruby/rails, and most recently Golang. There's been bash scripting and other terminal wizardy thrown in throughout my career as well. I've spent considerable time professionally doing consulting projects where I took client requirements and turned them into working products. I've worked and collaborated with doctors and other healthcare staff, business leaders, executive staff, and internal development teams from dozens of companies sizing from brand new startups to companies like WeWork in NYC, SkipTheDishes and the JustEat Group.

I enjoy solving problems with and without code; sometimes less is more. Using the right tool for the job. Avoiding over-engineering things. I subscribe to the Unix Philosophy of building small programs that can be strung together to perform tasks larger than themselves. I prefer composition over inheritance. I like clean, intuitive interfaces for code. I like designing by writing tests and handling the API while building it.

I like writing helpful command line apps to automate and improve developer workflows and efficiencies in development environments and deployments as well. I'm very intimate with docker, and have used docker-compose, makefiles, k8s and other tools to build docker setups for the teams I've been on. I like writing clean, readable HTTP/gRPC APIs and providing things like OpenAPI documentation for people to actually use them properly.

I'm very passionate about User Experience. I believe that we're all users of the tools around us. I don't think UX Design is a front-end only concept. Whether it's the product I'm helping to build, internal developers, other team members, or potential employees. Making things better, easier and more intuitive to use makes me happy. My partner is a UX professional and has taught me an amazing amount about how to pay attention to the needs of users, and how to use the laws of ux ( to build anything better, not just code.

Outside of work I love 3D printing, Archery, building things with my hands and board games. I'm also an avid PC gaming enthusiast.